The Bear & Horse Co.

The Bear & Horse Co. provides project based council to business owners seeking clear, relavent, executable strategies; geared toward internal communication and clarity of prime objectives. We use a proven curriculum to teach mechanized systems to codify process within an operation. This allows a business to run with the efficiency and consistency of a successful franchise, and turns a clear vision from it's leadership into a repeatable process for it's people and product.

We take pride in a reputation of providing a no nonsense, hands-on approach that's designed to fundamentally enhance the way you execute daily operations. We do it for tuition that's equal to the price of a part-time employee, and we offer a promise of satisfaction guarantee.

Our Mission

To do more than teach; to ensure stuff actually gets done by consistently providing each client with customized information and clear, easy to understand examples to solidify long term business success.

To maintain a standard of integrity beyond reproach, regardless of personal or financial outcome to consultant or to The Bear & Horse Co.

To develop, communicate, and execute clear and concise curriculum focusing on strategies geared toward sound fiscal results for employees, partners, and shareholders of each client we represent.